Welcome to the Meet the Team Series from Veritas Events!

Founded by Irish born Australian Eugene Kennedy in 1992 and joined shortly thereafter by his brother Kieran Kennedy, Veritas Events is a full service event management agency than has grown to a strong team of 25 event professionals with their head-office in Sydney. We are proud to be part of BI WORLDWIDE, a global powerhouse in events and employee engagement with 1,500 employees.

So, take the opportunity to get to know our team members over the next few months.

They are the engine that run the steam train of live events, they are the producers conceptualising the theme & creativity of your conference or incentive program, they are the digital crew filming, editing & broadcasting virtual events, and they are the support and extension of your organisation helping to drive your successes.

This week, we have interviewed our Operations Director, Tanya Finley – an avid exerciser, super home-schooling mum, traveller and morning hot latte loving leader.

So, Tanya, how long have you been at Veritas Events and how would you describe your role?

I’ve been with the Veritas family for 22 years. I’m certainly operations focused heading up this department but am a team player and love supporting and mentoring an extraordinary bunch of individuals. I love the satisfaction of bringing to life all elements of what it takes to create a seamless event, we are only limited by our imaginations and budgets.

What has been your most aspirational trip you have taken clients on? (Help us all to dream of better times ahead again please!)

Lake Como most definitely – driving the Italian streets of Bellagio in convertible cars followed by exclusive lunch at Villa Balbianello (home to one of the James Bond 007 movies) – oh to be back there…

Virtual hot tip

Make an investment in a professionally produced event, it makes all the difference and will impact positively on your brand. Invest in pre-event speaker coaching – we all need to look professional. Use dual screens, good lighting, trained camera crew. It all seems simple but you’d be surprised how many “You’re on mute” moments we have in the virtual world!

Aside from all this, I’m a believer in looking on the brighter side of life. I’m grateful to have a job and one that I love, this industry will come back strong in 2022.

If you had to put a warning sign on your chest to others, what would it say?

Soft voice – everybody seems to scream in my household….


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