Digital Media is a powerful medium to bring your story to life.

We believe that storytelling is the foundation to creating inspired digital content that makes a lasting impact.

With a multitude of digital platforms and solutions available, Veritas Studio team are our in-house Digital Media Experts who can help
curate your brand stories and add value that makes a difference.

Our Digital Media team is available to deliver a variety of digital media content, all in-house, whilst working directly with our client. This means that we will always stay up to date and in line with the events core program and messaging.

Infographics, 2D and 3D Animation
Using motion graphics, data visualisation, video infographics and corporate animations – we are able to tell complicated narratives that are hard to tangibly visualise. Animation is works perfectly across international markets and boost’s your companies accessibility rating.

Brand Stories
We’re constantly on the hunt for ways to re-purpose or re-appropriate content for a new audience or purpose. From explainers to beautiful narrative-driven storytelling and everything in between, whatever story we tell, we make it meaningful.

Testimonial videos
Let your customers and employees speak for you with testimonial videos. These interviews are arranged with pre-recruited candidates and can be filmed from the comfort and safety of home. Sent to our Digital Media Producers via a dedicated portal, the team can start producing an engaging story instantly.

Educational videos
According to Forbes, at least 65% of people are visual learners. Perfect for internal and external use, educational explainer videos are a perfect medium to communicate information in a clear, consistent and engaging way.

From brief to execution, we can provide end-to-end
solutions and expertise in all aspects of your next digital project.
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