Coffee anyone?

Ok, I want you to ask yourself - how important is coffee in your life? Well, to me it is probably one of the most important every day liquids I imbibe. Way more important than water and air! So ask yourself another question - how do I enhance my events by serving really good coffee? You’ve experienced it all before, the coffee station at your event with something that tastes as if it has been filtered through an old sock. The liquid that looks like it came out of a petrol bowser. Where, no matter how hard you try, the milk floats on top like ice floe. Yeuks!

So, for your next event go and get yourself a Barista – don’t be tight! It adds huge value to an event and your delegates will love it. And, while that though is percolating, why not personalise your cups with your company logo of your event delegates name? Give your event or incentive delegates a nice cup or mug that they can take home and every time they have a coffee they will think of the wonderful coffee they experienced at your event.

Remember, life was not meant to be easy but it was never meant to be dull either. So go out there and think 'coffee' at your next event. Create an experience at your event with coffee!

Here are some nice coffee tips to enhance your event,courtesy of Veritas Events.

  1. Your delegates arrive at the airport for a transfer to their event – don’t just shove them into a coach, have a nice cup of coffee waiting for them. Find out at registration what they like and make it happen with an airport coffee shop.
  2. When they arrive at the event have a welcome cup of coffee waiting.
  3. Try a barista course as part of your event.
  4. Include a coffee tasting experience at your events morning tea.

We have plenty more ideas where that came from. If you are considering an event please call Kieran Kennedy on 61 2 8908 5600 or We would love to show you how we can add value, creativity and a sense of experience to your next event or incentive.

Date posted: 2015-02-09 | posted by: veritase

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