Lighting the stage

As event managers, we generally don’t have to think twice about what elements need to be ticked off when ensuring we have organised all elements for our onsite event management bible. Venue….tick, events registration…tick, transfers…tick, F&B, housing, audio visual…..tick, tick, tick.

But wait… often the last thought about element is the dreaded AV. Sure, as we know we need a screen and projector, maybe some lapels and a sound system, but what about the lighting? “Surely room lights will be enough…. won’t they?”. Actually, in most cases they won’t be.

Lighting is often forgotten, as we don’t truly understand why we need it and what it can do for our corporate events. Yes, coloured lights make rooms look pretty, sometimes amazing, but that’s for gala dinners, product launches and opening entertainment acts. What about your everyday business address? Your staff update or your breakout room?

As meeting planners we need to know what every element we are booking does and why we need it. A simple lectern spot can help draw focus to our speakers, helping enhance their message and presentation. The use of lighting to wash the stage in a warm glow allows us to dim the room lights and not have our projection washed out by those glaringly bright fluorescents. Our corporate video team will love us for not making them overexpose their camera for their video record. However most importantly, we need to be able to see who is speaking to us. If we cannot see the mouth we can actually struggle to hear and comprehend what is being said to us.

Speakers also need to understand why we are using lights on stage. Whether we are doing a video record, webcast or straight up in room meeting, we need to be able to see our presenter. A simple address at an incentive program that may only go for 5 minutes still needs our full attention, and lighting can often be the key to drawing everyone’s focus.

Conference management is more than just booking everything we know we need; it is a must to know why we need it. Good event management companies know what elements are crucial and what can be options, but a great event management company will know and be able to tell you why.

If you are interested in knowing more about how you can make effective use of lighting at your next event, call our Veritas Production team today and allow us to make your next special event one to remember! If you are planning a corporate event, conference or incentive contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas on

Date posted: 2014-06-09 | posted by: veritase

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