Suffering from Glossophobia

A fear of public speaking is very common, and most experience it at one point in their life. While some may be able to overcome this fear, when you are asked to get up and welcome 2000 people to an event or conference, even the best need to take a moment to calm the butterflies. Death by PowerPoint is often a symptom caused by a speakers inability to engage the audience and convey a message without it, but when used properly, it can be an extremely effective tool when wielded by a skilled speaker. Some simple points to remember are:

  • Be specific: Start at the end and figure out what you want the audience to take home from your presentation, then, work from that.
  • Remind them of what Aristotle said:
    • Tell your audience what you are going to tell them.
    • Tell them.
    • Tell them what you have told them.
  • Walk out, and as soon as you hit that stage, be confident. You know what you are up there to talk about, you wouldnt be there if you didnt know the topic. So speak it. Dont read it from a card, just tell them what you have come to say.
  • Remember to try and enjoy yourself, and your moment. If you are comfortable, then your speech will just flow, meaning everyone will be more engaged.
If you are about to hold a conference and feel that your team need a little help, more information on speaking and presenting.

Date posted: 2013-10-20 | posted by: admin

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