Never get lost again!

We all know that mobile devices are present everywhere, with most people walking around with more than one at a time, allowing Apps based around your event to take off. Whilst this isnt new news, whats next is set to have a huge impact in the retail sector, as well as applications into large events, conferences and especially exhibitions. Indoor GPS uses specifically set up Wi-Fi hotspots to generate a device location, and with Google throwing themself behind the drive for it, no doubt we will see it taking off soon. 8 Countries, from the USA to Sweden already have over 10,000 floorplans loaded and being used. Following the UNSW indoor mapping conference, there is no reason that specially made, event specific maps cant be loaded into an events mobile app, meaning that your delegates will never get lost looking for that room, or more importantly that sponsors stand again. To hear more about how you can start using a mobile app to take your event to the next level,  

Date posted: 2013-10-20 | posted by: admin

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