Have you considered a breakfast event?

Its often a challenge to secure attendance figures for your meeting, conference or event, and particularly so in uncertain economic times. Companies are sometimes reluctant to invest money in sending their employees to national or international events and often in times like these, we find that a client who might usually hold a larger national or international corporate event, conference or meeting chooses to hold a greater number of smaller events locally. But you cant rest on your local laurels! Even with a more geographically captive audience, you still need to consider your attendees when scheduling your event be sure to hold it in the most convenient location and at a convenient time to maximise the number of attendees on the day. You will almost always have a small percentage of no-shows on the day of your event or meeting (unless youre very lucky!) One useful way of minimising no-shows is to hold a breakfast event. Often people have the intention to attend a lunch meeting or evening function but the work day gets away with them or something comes up in the office that means they cant get away. A breakfast event held before or at the beginning of the work day means less chance of distraction for potential guests. Just make sure the coffee is good and hot! Guests will appreciate a good brekkie to set them up for the rest of the work day ahead...

Date posted: 2010-07-15 | posted by: admin

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