Wine Tasting Tours

Here at Veritas Event Management Sydney, we are forever interested in bringing unique and lasting experiences to our events. One such potential idea for a corporate event, incentive trip or even a team building activity, is a wine tasting tour. There are plenty of fantastic wine tasting tours Australia wide and one of the best in the Hunter Valley is the Hunter Valley Chartered Tours. These tours can be a great way to de-stress and get away from the daily grind, which will surely benefit your team. Contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas Event Management at and book your next event.

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Veritas- communicate by video

We see so many events launched via text or a simple email link to a registration site. You have taken the important first step to online registration why not bring your event to life by having an introductory video linking to the registration site? Veritas, with its own in-house production team is able to help you. A lot of Veritas conferences and meetings are now using video introductions from the Managing Director to launch the national conference or incentive program. Why? Because plain email text is boring! Video allows the client to give some background to the event in a more relaxed and informative manner. Veritas will script your video message and the Veritas film team will film you in your preferred location, even in your office. The turnaround time is fast and it is not expensive. For your conference, special event or incentive group needs, contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas on

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The Sunshine Coast: one of my favourite event locations in Australia

There is a comfort about holding events in this region. However one of the problems is that there are a distinct lack of outside event locations around its heart, Noosa. Why would this be? Probably because Noosa, Coolum and surrounding areas normally host smaller events. Rarely would I consider a group or event in excess of 170 people to Noosa. Noosa is great for intimate,smaller than 150 delegate, events. The better meeting space near Noosa Heads is the Outrigger but for location and a sense of Noosa I would choose the Sheraton Noosa. I do think that the Sheratons location is ideal however this is not taking anything away from considering an event at the Outrigger. The Outrigger happens to have apartment accommodation which some of our clients find to be more economical. To me Coolum is a bit isolated, they have however excellent event space and overall in the Sunshine Coast this is the best meeting space for events, but the location lacks atmosphere and your events is not just about meetings. Finally, I would probably favour events in Noosa over Coolum, why? Noosa allows you more freedom from your hotel, the Sheraton offers easier access to the beach and Sheraton can also cater for events around the beach, but it is a challenge to gain access to the Noosa Heads beach on Hastings Street. With Sheraton onboard it is often easier and they partner with the local community very well. For more event ideas on the Sunshine Coast:

If you are considering an event on the Sunshine Coast please contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas Event Management at he has organised events there for nearly 20 years and knows the region like few other.

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New Zealand for your next event

A fabulous country for any event, meeting or incentive. New Zealand is blessed with six star lodges, five star hotels and a host of regions to WOW any event audience. In my opinion the country is blessed with great people who seem to see any event as their personal invitation to you, everyone makes you welcome. Having attended the Rugby World Cup in 2011, I was bowled over by the hospitality of the NZ people for one of the great events of 2012. The best team won but only just, and I think they deserved it, if only for the hospitality of this rugby mad nation. The world cup was an event like no other. I attended the semi finals with my two boys and enjoyed a fabulous activity with a company called Broomstick Tours a Devonport based seguay company who organised the best activity for any event consider them. More than that consider New Zealand for your next event, fabulous! Veritas Event Management have been to NZ for events and incentives more times than you can shake a stick at. So for your next incentive, event or conference in New Zealand please contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas Event Management Major events on in New Zealand in 2012

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Unique event experiences at Studio NEON

Far removed from its previous life as a warehouse, Studio NEON is a groovy photographic studio located in Waterloo. Leading a double life, Studio NEON caters to the needs of a photographic and arts space by day and by night it moulds to the requirements of intimate dining experiences, exclusive events, corporate product launches, creative meetings and special events to crowds of 30 to 150. Contact us so we can tailor an event experience for your next meeting, conference or offsite event at the one and only Studio NEON.

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