Son Doong, Vietnam

Unknown Event managersandevent plannersare excited for the opening of Son Doong in Vietnam. Son Doong was only discovered in 2009 and is large enough to have a 40 level high-rise building in it. This cave adventure will be a wonderful experience forincentive groups. With a glide down a rope to enter, a 4km walk, a row in a boat and then a climb up a rope this experience is not for everyone, however for an active incentive groupthis is an experience they will never forget! When it comes toconferenceandmeetingdestinations and facilities, we are always excited to find out about new and/or refurbishedvenues. For any information about your nextconference,incentive programs,product launchorboard meetingor further abroad do not hesitate to get in touch.Contact Kieran call on 02 8908 5600  

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Showtime Events Centre

The original roof trusses, chamfer timber posts and old wharf timber floorboards, mixed with a custom-built bar, overhead chandeliers and polished stone make Showtime Events Centre of Melbournes most lively and stylish venue. Offering in-house catering and a versatile function space, this venue is perfect for corporate or special events.


If you are planning a corporateevent or conference contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas  

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Tequila Park at Hudson

One of New Yorks best spots to lounge in the sun, sip on common and uncommon margaritas, and delve into some delectable Mexican tacos and antojitos. This amazing outdoor courtyard can be reserved forprivate group events. Tequila Park is the perfect place to host 70 guests for a private sit down banquet or up to 200 guests for a standing cocktail reception. The culinary team will work with you to create a menu tailored specifically for your program. A smaller section of the space can also be reserved and guests can enjoy the existing bar and taco hut. If you are planning an incentive, corporateevent or conference contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas  


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Successful Site Inspections

Planning an event? No doubt you will need to conduct a site inspection at some stage. Here are some foundations to a successful site inspection:

  • Pre-planning: prepare an itinerary and site brief outlining your appointments and what you need to achieve/see/question for each appointment. Ensure you send this to your host and suppliers so they are aware of your movements and expectations.
  • Meet all potential suppliers: experience the suppliers goods/services and ensure you have the opportunity to use several suppliers so you can compare them. You should also set up appointments with potential suppliers so you discuss the events needs.
  • Ask questions: it is always easier to obtain information/answers when your onsite as opposed to when your back at the office as you can speak to the people on the ground who you will actually be working with- pick their brains! What works what doesnt? This allows you to amend your event program if needed.
  • Free time: it is important to allow some free time, so if the need arises you can investigate alternative options.
  • Debrief: talk to your client and seek their feedback throughout the site inspection. It is important to understand your clients satisfactions and concerns as you may need to amend the site inspection and the event program to compliment your clients feedback.
  • Prepare a site inspection debrief: summarise your experience, questions, concerns and action items. Send this to your client, host and suppliers so you can move forward in the event planning.
The success of your event is determined by the success of your site inspection! At Veritas we know our stuff when it comes to conference and meeting destinations and facilities. We are always excited to find out about new and/or refurbished venues. For any information about your next conference, incentive, product launch or board meeting or further abroad do not hesitate to get in touch.Contact Kieran on or call him on 02 8908 5600

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Event Management & Time Management

Its all in the detail - event management is an industry that requires a certain type of person. The job is demanding, long hours and hard work but ever so rewarding. Want to be an event manager? What are the traits you need?

  • Organised:with multiple projects on the go, helping your colleagues & managing delegate enquiries/requests you need to be able to prioritise and know when to ask for help.
  • Good Time & Diary Management:Meeting clients, suppliers, attending internal meetings & being onsite with events makes for busy days it is important you can manage your time and diary.
  • Multi-tasking:so many projects & tasks on the go at the same time, multi tasking is an essential part of event management.
  • Good Interpersonal Skills: as an event manager you not only represent the company you work for but the clients company; it is essential that your able to communicate to others effectively.
  • Problem Solving Skills:things dont go always to plan when onsite with an event, you can have the most detailed briefing document but I can guarantee something always pop up or happens, this is where an ability to adapt to the circumstances around you and solve problems that may arise is essential.
  • Detailed:its the little things that count - an eye for detail is essential, in events you need to see and do the things that make a difference even though some people may not notice or care.
At Veritas we know our stuff when it comes toconferenceandmeetingdestinations and facilities. For any information about your nextconference,incentive,product launchorboard meetingor further abroad do not hesitate to get in touch.Call Kieran call him on 02 8908 5600.

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