Build your next event around an Oasis in the heart of Australia

With a seemingly ironic name, ‘Sails’, a hotel in dry Uluru, provides your delegates with an oasis in a desolate part of our precious Australia – a place rich in Australian culture and perfect for your next event. Opportunities for team building activities not only include the famous ‘Ayers Rock’ but also views from the sky in planes or helicopters and tours throughout the countryside, just to name a few. Take your group out for a gala dinner under the stars and discover the heart of Australia. 

Uluru truly is the perfect location for your next event allowing your team to step out of the office and into natural Australia with a dynamic array of activities and experiences to keep everyone talking about your event for months after. The event managers of Veritas can create this unique experience for you. Contact Kieran at

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Quantum is a world class, 120ft super yacht.  With three superb levels and spectacular furnishing, she is one of the Australia’s most luxurious and elegant charter vessels.  Quantum is perfect for cocktail parties as well as formal dining sessions and small conferences. Quantum has a 45 guest cocktail capacity, 10 guest dining capacity, and can accommodate 8 guests overnight.  A cruise on this magnificent yacht is sure to impress your delegates as you experience Sydney Harbour in lavish comfort.

For your next cocktail party or conference, contact Kieran Kennedy at

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New Year, New Ideas

No doubt the festive season seemed like it had just past and it was not very long ago that you were planning your end of year events to celebrate the successes with your clients and business partners. However as we get well and truly into the New Year, how is your marketing and corporate events planning going to engage with your clients and business partners throughout the year?

From boardroom lunches, gala dinners to corporate golf days, each presents great opportunities for good client relations and keeping them up to date with your company.

Contact Kieran Kennedy on to see how Veritas Events can help with your corporate and marketing event needs!

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Theme is important!

Choosing a great theme for your event, corporate function or gala dinner can pack a punch and leave your clients with a positive lasting impression.

Innovative styling with quality products can make your event stand out from the crowd. Use of trend furniture from coordinated colour palette creates mood and ambience. Clashing colours can add energy and style.

 We can help you create and plan that perfect event for your customers or staff. If you want a stylish event, contact Kieran Kennedy at Veritas Events at

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Events have changed forever

Technology continues to enhance many aspects of our lives and events are no different. Here are two important questions to ask your event supplier prior to use of a meeting App for any event.

The current upsurge in Meeting Apps begs a few questions. We at Veritas Events are concerned that using a meetings app does expose you to loss or data – here are a couple of ‘hard’ questions to ask your provider:

Q1: You have suggested I use a meeting App for my event – who owns the App?

If your event provider does not own the App then we suggest considering your next move. Where does your demographic data and event data then sit? If you are organising a large event like an end user group where there is a lot of training involved generating a lot of data, be sure to understand your data has to be housed somewhere – but where? In Australia? Overseas? If you use the Veritas Events meeting app it is owned and created by Veritas Events and your data is housed by an Australian data centre. So ask your provider who owns the meeting app where the meeting data is to be stored? We are not saying that a third party provider is going to let you down in any way, just ask the questions.

Q2: Do you adhere to all state and Australian commonwealth privacy laws around the integrity and protection of my data?

Again – you are in a minefield here. If unlike Veritas Events your event company has not made the investment to create their own meeting app then how can they respond this question? They will need to know that their third party supplier can guarantee this.

Remember data is precious - very difficult to produce and very easy to reproduce – that is the really scary part. Once your data is ‘out there’ who knows who is viewing it? For more information about the Veritas Events Meeting App and how it can add enormous value to your event please email Eugene Kennedy

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