Keep to Time

A lot of time and resources go into event planning. The conference management team work tirelessly putting together a schedule that starts with the event registration right though to the closing Locknote or Gala dinner. It is a well-oiled machine that can be thrown into chaos when speakers run over their allotted presentation time.

All speakers want their message to be heard, but some struggle to condense their topic into the short period of time that the event planner has allocated them. There are essentially three clear rules you must adhere to when managing your speakers:

1) In the stages of planning and booking the speakers for your event, communicate to them how long they have for their session. There is little benefit to a speaker turning up to their session with 120 slides and 5 videos if they only have a 15-minute window. Help them understand the time restraints and that way they can plan their session around the schedule.

2) When booking your guest speaker, let them know how long they have to present. Either book a speaker that can deliver their message in the allotted time, or adjust the schedule to meet the needs of the speaker, where possible. You will not get the best out of any presenter if you spring surprises on them on site, such as having to condense their well rehearsed 90-minute keynote into 45 minutes.

3) Provide your speaker with the resources to help them keep track of time. The use of a small countdown clock/screen well positioned at the base of the stage or utilising an in-room monitor to flash time cards to the speaker, will help to keep all sessions running to time. There are only a select few professional speakers that can pace themselves perfectly to an allotted time without the aid of a fold back timer monitor or timer cards – their focus is on presenting, your focus should be on keeping them on track.

Choose presenters that you can manage and that can deliver messages that fit within in your event structure. Event management companies are often moving heaven and earth to make a square peg fit in a round hole, but as a PCO our job is to ensure everything runs to time.

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Speaker support is there to support the speaker

You’ve been asked to prepare a presentation for your next conference and immediately you run to your old friend PowerPoint (or Keynote for the Mac initiated). Your entire talk comes to life as you ‘fly in’ titles, wow everyone with graphs and splash as much information as possible onto the white canvas screen.

A common mistake in so many corporate events is the overuse of PowerPoint or Keynote, using slides with far too many builds, graphs and fonts that are far too small to be read on screen.

Using speaker support at your special event should be just that – support, it should not distract or be a replacement for your presenter on stage, but a tool that emphasises the topics being covered. Event planners are often charged with sourcing and managing speakers and their requirements, but rarely is the content they are using to display on screen questioned. In many cases speakers themselves are guilty of simply reading the 20 bullet points on screen, rather than engaging audiences with their words.

They say pictures are worth a thousand words. Engage your inner graphic artist (or video production team) and create a presentation with emotive imagery that supports your time on stage and let your words tell the story.

There are a few rules of thumb that you should abide by with all presentation slides:

· Create you slides with headlines not details.

· Use no more than 15 slides.

· Use large fonts.

· Use imagery as well as text.

In many instances, slide presentations of some description cannot be avoided, but they are not and should not be the focal point. Webcasts, incentive programs or team building events for example, are the hardest to engage an audience when you rely on details on slides – so keep it simple.

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Tom Thumb is Bigger than Big

Recently Veritas Events used Tom Thumb to entertain the audience at one of our major events. Armed with just a microphone and his own amazing voice, Tom recreates almost any imaginable sound to perform a medley of amazing entertainment.

Footage of his performance at TEDxSydney 2013 became one of the most watched TEDx videos of all time, with more than seven million views.

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