Events have changed forever

Technology continues to enhance many aspects of our lives and events are no different. Here are two important questions to ask your event supplier prior to use of a meeting App for any event.

The current upsurge in Meeting Apps begs a few questions. We at Veritas Events are concerned that using a meetings app does expose you to loss or data – here are a couple of ‘hard’ questions to ask your provider:

Q1: You have suggested I use a meeting App for my event – who owns the App?

If your event provider does not own the App then we suggest considering your next move. Where does your demographic data and event data then sit? If you are organising a large event like an end user group where there is a lot of training involved generating a lot of data, be sure to understand your data has to be housed somewhere – but where? In Australia? Overseas? If you use the Veritas Events meeting app it is owned and created by Veritas Events and your data is housed by an Australian data centre. So ask your provider who owns the meeting app where the meeting data is to be stored? We are not saying that a third party provider is going to let you down in any way, just ask the questions.

Q2: Do you adhere to all state and Australian commonwealth privacy laws around the integrity and protection of my data?

Again – you are in a minefield here. If unlike Veritas Events your event company has not made the investment to create their own meeting app then how can they respond this question? They will need to know that their third party supplier can guarantee this.

Remember data is precious - very difficult to produce and very easy to reproduce – that is the really scary part. Once your data is ‘out there’ who knows who is viewing it? For more information about the Veritas Events Meeting App and how it can add enormous value to your event please email Eugene Kennedy

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Bright future for events!

Work has recently begun on the Sydney International Convention Centre (ICC).

Premier Mike Baird says that once completed, the convention, exhibition and entertainment facilities will employ up to 4000 people and secure Sydney as first choice destination in the Asia Pacific region for the business events industry. With a projected opening in 2016, the new International Convention Centre has already landed 11 future events.

Looking for bright ideas for your future event, conference or incentive? Contact Kieran Kennedy at VeritasEvents,

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Exhibition Centre on Glebe Island

Early site work on an interimexhibition centreat Glebe Island in Sydney will begin later this month. The interim facilities are needed to service Sydneys exhibition and events industry while new conference and exhibition facilities are built at Darling Harbour, and will open for the industrys 2014 season, which starts in February next year. The new Sydney Exhibition Centre at Glebe Island will offer pavilion-style fully serviced exhibition space of 20,000sqm; options for an additional 5000sqm for temporary expansion for larger public exhibitions and trade shows, event-related food and beverage facilities, such as pop-up cafes and restaurants and back of house facilities including a loading-dock, storage and waste management. It is an interim facility but one that was needed when you eliminate a busy Convention Centre from Sydney. The Sydney Convention Centre is due to be completed late 2016.If you need some fresh ideas for your next corporate event, conference or gala dinner, please contact Kieran Kennedy of Veritas.  

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